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A Soldier Returns: My Battle with PTSD - A True Story - Jamie Macwhirter

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A Soldier Returns: My Battle with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is Jamie MacWhirter’s second book. His first book “A Soldier’s Tale: A Newfoundland Soldier in Afghanistan” was published in 2013. Following up on his book about the time he served in Afghanistan, Jamie’s second book deals honestly and openly with his return home, being diagnosed with PTSD, and his continuing battle with the illness that affects so many veterans of war. The Corner Brook native tells how he has learned to live with an illness that can be devastating to not only the person affected but to their families as well. Jamie’s book offers information, advice and hope. In an effort to help others Jamie does public speaking and is the founder of a support group called PTSD Buddies.

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