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 Racket - New Writing -  Made in Newfoundland - Short Stories

Racket - New Writing - Made in Newfoundland - Short Stories

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In Racket, editor and acclaimed fiction writer Lisa Moore introduces us to eleven of the most exciting new writers currently at work in Newfoundland. Featuring a diverse range of previously unpublished short stories, this unique anthology showcases a generation of voices soon to emerge as the next great wave of Newfoundland literary talent. Racket noun (NFLD) a celebration, an uproarious social gathering, a great ruckus, a fine time. All natural ingredients: Sharon Bala (A Drawer full of Guggums), Morgan Murray (Kc Accidental), Gary Newhook (23 Things I Hate in No Particular Order), Susan Sinnott (Benched), Carrie Ivardi (Rescue), Premium Quality: Jenina MacGillivray (Gorillas), Jamie Fitzpatrick (Like Jewels), Melanie Oates (A Holy Show), Matthew Lewis (The Jawbone Box), Iain McCurdy (Crossbeams), Melissa Barbeau (Holes) Edited by Lisa Moore

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