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 The Fortunate Brother - Donna Morrissey - Hard Cover

The Fortunate Brother - Donna Morrissey - Hard Cover

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A powerful novel of a family reeling from a mysterious murder on their doorstep.

Author Donna Morrissey creates a memorable portrait of a wounded but indomitable Newfoundland family. After being uprooted from their fishing outport, the Now Family is further devastated by the tragic loss of their eldest son, Chris, who died working on an Alberta oil rig. Kyle Now is still mourning his older brother when the murder of a local bully changes everything. The victim’s blood is found on the family’s pier, and suspicion falls first on an alienated wife, and then finally on the troubled Now family.

Behind this new turmoil, Chris’s death continues to unsettle the family. Father Sylvanus Now drowns his sorrow in a bottle, while mother Addie faces breast cancer. And the children fight their own battles as the tension persists between Kyle and his sister, Sylvie, over her role in their brother’s death

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