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Boundless - Kathleen Winter - Hard Cover

Boundless - Kathleen Winter - Hard Cover

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In breathtaking prose charged with vivid descriptions of the land and its people, Kathleen Winter- author of the bestselling novel Annabel-chronicles her unforgettable journey through the ever-evolving and wholly magnetic Northwest Passage.
In 2010, Bestselling author Kathleen Winter took a journey across the storied Northwest Passage, among marine scientist, historian, archaeologists, anthropologists, and curious passengers. From Greenland to Baffin Island and all along the passage, Winter bears witness to the new path of the North-where polar bears mate with grizzlies, creating a new hybrid species; where the earth is on the cusp of yielding so much buried treasure that five nations stand poised to claim sovereignty of the land; and where the local Inuit population struggles to navigate the tension between taking part in the new global economy and defending their traditional way of life.

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