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Company Town - Madeline Ashby - 2017 Canada Reads

Company Town - Madeline Ashby - 2017 Canada Reads

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Look at one of Go Jung-hwa’s clients sideways, expect to end up on the floor with a broken arm and busted nose-if she’s feeling merciful.

As one of the few people without bioengineered genetic enhancements, Hwa is part of a dying breed in the city-sized oil rig New Arcadia. But she’s in peak physical condition and, combined with her speed and cunning, can easily go toe-to-toe with some of the most augmented men in town. After all, she’s the best bodyguard employed by the United Sex Workers of Canada.

When Lynch Ltd; a technological tycoon dynasty, purchases the entire rig, Hwa’s talents and lack of any sort of altering attract their attention. They have a fifteen-year old heir to protect, and Hwa fits the bill-any cyborg meathead can be hacked and rewired, but not her. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, especially for someone who’s been living on the fringes of poverty her entire life.

But when one of her former client’s – and friend – dismembered body is found floating in the North Atlantic, Hwa finds her loyalties split between her past and future. And it looks as if the future came to collect in the present . . . .

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