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Curse of the Red Cross Ring - Earl B. Pilgrim

Curse of the Red Cross Ring - Earl B. Pilgrim

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In 1929, Azariah Roberts and his men unearthed the long-dead remains of a Viking warrior.

Life before then was good.

Azariah Roberts was a successful fisherman and a respected father figure to the people in his town. He wore the ring of the Red Cross, the highest order of the Loyal Orange Association, but to his friends he was simply Uncle Az.

Uncle Az was a hero in every sense. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for his people, no challenge he couldn’t overcome. When there was trouble, Uncle Az could always set things right.

But all that was about to change.

Set in the small town of L’Anse au Pigeon and Beaumont, Newfoundland, Curse of the Red Cross Ring is the true story of Azariah Roberts and his fight against the evil lurking in his own backyard.

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