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Last Lullaby - Alice Walsh

Last Lullaby - Alice Walsh

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Set in the fictional town of Paddy's Arm, Newfoundland, Last Lullaby is a once harrowing and homey, equal parts police procedural and dinner gossip.

When Claire and Bram's only child dies suddenly, it at first appears to be a case of crib death. But when the real cause of death indicates homicide and Claire is arrested as the number-one suspect, her friend, lawyer Lauren LaVallee, promises she'll do everything she can to prove Claire's innocence.

As Lauren combs Paddy's Arm for suspects, amid department politics and small-town talk, leads abound. Why are professors Frances and Annabelle being so secretive about their adopted daughter? What's behind a troubled student's disappearance? and who is the mysterious platinum blonde observed at the scene of the crime?

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