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Over the Fence - Laura Morry Williams

Over the Fence - Laura Morry Williams

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Over the Fence: Stories from Outport Newfoundland, is a collection of short stories with a common theme, from places as near as Trepassey, Newfoundland, and from as far away as Scotland. Included also in this book are documented sources from personal journals and diaries, entailing lifestyles of another bygone era. In this book you will have an eye witness account of an event which occurred in Trepassey almost on hundred years ago in brought to life. The various chapters, most of which are taken from the lives of people from the past, expose history as it was being lived. Also you’ll learn rarely exposed facts about the local people and their ancestors, which may enable you to better understand your neighbor. In preserving history and sharing the memories, the author has used the genre of Over The Fence: Stories from Outport Newfoundland as a platform to confess some of her own childhood misdoings.

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