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So Few on Earth - Josie Penney

So Few on Earth - Josie Penney

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Josephine Mildred Curl Penny grew up in Labrador during the 1940s and 1950s. Like many Metis, she and her family lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle, moving inside to the primitive settlement of Roaches Brook each fall to hunt and trap, and outside to Spotted Island in the spring to harvest the rich fishing grounds. Sent away to hospital at age four, to boarding school when she was seven, and forced out to work at age eleven, Josie lost the family bond so important to a young child. She recounts the years spent at Lockwood School where she suffered atrocious punishments, eventually took their toll, and her once free-spirited nature was broken. Reading became the only escape. Set against the beauty and ruggedness of the Labrador coast, So Few on Earth is a story of perseverance in a harsh environment and the possibility of life starting anew from shattered beginnings.

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