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The Shah of Shea Heights - Jonathan Butler

The Shah of Shea Heights - Jonathan Butler

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The Shah of Shea Hights is the tall tale of a criminal family as told by Billy Tucker, a colourful character with an equally colourful past. His "mother of all tales" was relayed by his own father in night beside the fireplace, accompanied by increasing amounts of Lambs & Coke. It begins with Father meeting a tableful of Germans at The Fishing Admiral back in the 70s. The Germans had been searching for two years for a boatload of cocaine that one of their brothers had stored on the Bird Islands before he was killed in a traffic accident. Father claims he can help these Germans recover the missing shipment and so begins a mission filled with comic farce and involving every bit of resourcefulness Father can muster. The delightful results invoke the intimacy of the classic fireside tale and the enduring narratives of Mark Twain.

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