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Voyage With the Labrador Eskimos - Johan Adrian Jacobsen

Voyage With the Labrador Eskimos - Johan Adrian Jacobsen

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In August 1880, Norwegian Johan Adrian Jacobsen arrives in Labrador. He's hoping to recruit Eskimo's who would be willing to follow him to Europe to become the latest attraction in the ethnographic shows organized by Carl Hagenbeck, a menagerie owner and pioneer of 'human zoos,'

Two families accept Jacobsen's offer. Aged from 13 months to 50 years old, the eight individuals are exhibited in Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Crefeld and Paris. Unfortunately, none of them will ever see their homeland again, all eight having been killed by smallpox less than four months after setting foot in Europe.

The diary of Johan Adrian Jacobsen being an essential source for understanding the events that took place more than 133 years ago, we offer you its English translation. Our translation is being published within the context of the research project in the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab ( Beginning in 2010 this project has been dedicated to unraveling the mysteries surrounding the European stay and the death of the eight Labrador 'Eskimos.'

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