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A Royal Couple in Canada - Allison Lawlor - Hard Cover

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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been part of Canadian history for over half of the country’s existence as an independent nation. The Queen has officially visited the country 22 times, greeting countless Canadians at hundreds of events in towns and cities. At every stop, Canadians have proudly revealed their best, showcasing the immensity and diversity of their country—and the affection and loyalty they have for their monarch.

A Royal Couple in Canada is a scrapbook of those tours, set in the context of Canada’s growth as a nation. It also peeks into the intense organization behind each visit. Stunning photographs, both candid and formal, offer a glimpse of more than 65 years of royal duties.

This tribute to Canada’s long-serving sovereign and her husband is a stirring reflection on what it means to be Queen of Canada.

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