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Miracles Happen - The Rendell Drover Story - Janice Drover

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Miracles Happen in the story of a tragic event that happened in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland and Labrador, in 2010. On August 13, Rendell Drover, a respected fisherman in the community, was injured in an industrial accident that nearly claimed his life.

In this memoir, Rendell’s wife, Janice, recalls in heartbreaking detail the weeks and months that followed. Throughout his recovery, Rendell underwent a series of dangerous medical procedures. .  .  And lived. Doctors agreed his survival was nothing short of miraculous.

Today, Rendell Drover, known locally as “the big-hearted fisherman from Upper Island Cove”, is alive and well. His story will inspire readers and remind them that, in times of crisis, miracles really can happen.

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