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North Ice to South Ice - The Antarctic life and Times of the NL ships Eagle and Trepassey - Anthony B. Dickinson

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Men and ships from Newfoundland made important contributions to helping Great Britain consolidate its sovereignty claims in the Antarctic during and immediately after World War Two. In this book, author Anthony Dickinson describes the sovereignty adventures of the vessels Eagle and Trepassey. Captain Robert Carl Sheppard, a veteran of the First World War and one of the famous First 500 of the Newfoundland Regiment, skippered the Eagle on her voyage to the Antarctic in 1944 and returned on the Trepassey in 1945-46. The Trepassey’s second Antarctic voyage of 1946-47 was the last command for Captain Eugene Moores Burden, who served in the British merchant marine and Royal Navy during World War One then with the Royal Canadian Navy during World War Two.

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