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A Roll Of The Bones - Trudy J. Morgan Cole - Book One of the Cupids Trilogy

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In 1610, John Guy established a small colony in Cupids, Newfoundland, on the very edge of a world unknown to Europeans. Two years later, he brought a shipment of supplies to his all-male settlement: 60 goats, 10 heifers, 2 bulls, and 16 women. A Roll Of the Bones tell the story of some of these nameless woman by tracing the journey of three young people- Ned Perry, Nancy Ellis, and Kathryn Gale – who leave Bristol , England, for a life in the struggling community. Ned dreams of altering his fate with the promise of a New World. Kathryn only wishes to follow her husband – little dreaming she might find romance outside her marriage. And Nancy, the servant girl, has no desire to leave Bristol, but her fealty will ultimately test her ability to survive.

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