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Beacons: Woman of Salmonier Arm - Joseph A Dobbin

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An old historian, now of blessed memory, once told me that it was the women of our province who formed its hub. It was these women who helped the settlements around our coasts survive through all kinds of difficulties. They, through their persistent, hard-working, and diligent characters, raised families, sustained homes, created neighbourly communities, worked tirelessly beside their men, and formed a work ethic which the present generation can be proud to call their heritage. I have chosen the term BEACONS as part of the title of my book because the word refers to a guiding light, or a beam of light, and the women of our province have shown this light throughout our history. This work of mine is presented to the readers as a testimonial to these women, but particularly to the women of Salmonier Arm and other towns around the Head of St. Mary's Bay.

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