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Close Calls & Narrow Escapes - Volume ll - True Stories of Rescue and Survival - Captain Cyril Burke

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Midway between myself and the water’s edge, a tennis ball sized nugget of ice has frozen in the icy slope, and with the aid of my gaff I slid down and succeeded in gaining a toehold. It was precarious, dangerous, foolhardy, and necessary. The first time Jus came in on the wave I extended the gaff and he grabbed the end. As the undertow retreated I felt my toehold give a little, “Let go,” I shouted, “or you’ll take me with you.” Jus had guts, I’ll give him that, and he has something of greater importance as well. He had that rare instinct that the survivor has over the casualty and so he let ho the gaff end immediately and was carried out with the tide.

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