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Honour Thy Daughter - T.C. Badcock

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I'm alone now Daddy. I have written a message on the inside of a can label and I am praying that if I write enough messages, one of them is bound to come off and somebody will see it and call you. I will write a message on all the empty cans we have from now on and I don’t think Peter will find them. I really miss you and Margaret a lot and I hope you are both fine. Every night I go to sleep and ask God to rescue me. It's been a long time since Peter took me and I hope that you haven't given up looking for me. I'm not very far from our house and you've got to find me soon because I don't think that Peter will let me stay here much longer. You have to hurry and find me Daddy. I love you a lot and I can hardly wait for that day. I love you. Laura

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