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Indigena - Bath Bomb - Bakeapple - 135g -FINAL SALE

On sale: $3.88
Part Number:61637
If you want an escape to nature these bath bombs were made for you! Are you looking for clean, 100% natural bath products? These bombs are packed full to the brim with incredibly active ingredients. Hand picked in the wild of Newfoundland and Labrador, one of the most remote and pure ecosystems on earth. Are you afraid to take a long leisurely bath because your body reacts negatively whether that be a urinary tract infection or skin redness and itchness? Food grade sea salt, naturally antibacterial botanicals, wildcrafted and organic pure essential oils work together synergistically to protect your microbiome  and your delicate female anatomy. Gentle and effective to improve the texture of your skin. For all skin types. Kid Friendly. Made by hand with care and love.

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