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Into The Deep - An Exploration of Our Oceans - Annika Siems & Wolfgang Dreyer - Hard Cover

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The Secret of the Deep Sea

 There is nothing more beautiful than a summer’s day at the beach. Under a bright sun, warm sand tickles the soles of your feet and waves wash over your toes. Pretty, colourful shells adorn the beach. In the shallow water, crabs and fish scuttle away from you. A bounty of life comes from the sea. For a long time, we knew very little about life at sea. All that was known came from the fishermen caught in their nets. But the nets only went so deep-below that was a mystery that sailors filled with tall tales about great sea monsters that devoured ships whole. Meanwhile, scientists believed that without sunlight life could not exist in the deepest parts of the sea.

Nothing could be father from the truth!

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