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Jack and the Magnificent Ugly Stick - Joshua Goudie - Art by Craig Goudie

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How much fun can you have with just one rubber boot?

When one goes missing, Jack and his grandmother are forced to cancel their fishing trip. However, Jack has never been one to let a setback get in the way of a good time. And once Jack gets his hands on a tall piece of driftwood and a few of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most celebrated musicians, it turns out that everyone gets to have a lot of fun!

In the follow up to the acclaimed Jack and the Hurricane, join Jack as he sets out to put a smile back on his grandmother’s face, and watch as his merry band grows, all to the delight of everyone in town.

A heartwarming tale, Jack and the Magnificent Ugly Stick will be enjoyed by anyone who ever held an instrument in their hands or a song in their heart!

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