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My Journey - Clarissa Smith

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Her Story continues in all its raw honesty the sequel to Broken Wings Clarissa Smith grew up along the Quebec/ Labrador coast in the 1950’s and 1960’s. When she was fifteen years old her mother died, leaving behind a family of ten children. Clarissa was the oldest girl. Her first book, the best selling Broken Wings, was her telling of a promise to her dying mother that she couldn’t keep. Readers found her story both shocking and heartbreaking in its naked honesty. In My Journey, the sequel to Broken Wings, Clarissa continues the story of her and her siblings. It is a story that speaks of joy and tragedy, hope and despair, life and death. She begins with her days at Bishop Mountain Hall, a boarding school in Quebec. She goes on to recount a journey back to Bradore, the place of her birth. It is here amid the raging seas, the howling winds and foggy days that I have returned to challenge my fears and plant once more my feet upon this rugged shore.

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