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My Life for what it's worth - Lloyd Colbourne

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Growing up on Twillingate Island. Early life in the outports I was always a bit skeptical about the Heavens, and the Earth being created in only six days anyway. In my later days at Sunday School I said so. My teacher, Mrs. Pennell, tried to change my mind by giving me a smack in the head with a rolled up Easter Special Service program. It was to fix my skepticism and my heresy. The whack was to knock some sense into my head, she explained. My only crime was my choice of words not my thesis. I had casually expressed the opinion that I thought that God, the poor bugger, needed a rest, of at least one day, after all that work. She agreed with my observation, but took a strong exception to “the poor bugger”. Thus the knock. Excerpt from Page 119 First book in the Series

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