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NL Snowmageddon 2020 - Nick Cranford - With a Foreword by Meteorologist Eddie Sheerr

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On January 17, 2020, Newfoundland and Labrador experienced one of the worst blizzards in its history. Life came to a screeching halt. Entire roads and cars were buried, people became trapped in their homes, and a week-ling state of emergency was just one more surprise Mother Nature had in store for the people of the province. The record-breaking snowstorm, which the media labelled “Snowmageddon,” came to test the resilience of Newfoundland. But as you will see throughout this book, Newfoundlanders are made of sterner stuff.

What makes a Newfoundlander? Newfoundlanders themselves are sometimes hard pressed to provide an explanation. But NL Snowmageddon 202 gives us the answer once and for all.

“ Snowmageddon 2020 will go down as one of the biggest weather events we’ve experienced in Newfoundland in many years, certainly a reminder of the power of Mother Nature.”

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