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On The Labrador - Arnold Zageris - Hard Cover

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Like many people whose lives were inadvertently changed by small, unexpected events, mine was changed by a chapter in a book on Labrador. It was here that I first learned about the Hubbard Expedition and the George River. I was so taken by this tragedy and how it had unfolded in death that the more often I read the section, the more intriguing and compelling it became. Suddenly, I also wanted to see that country. My mind was made up, and, after rallying support from a former paddling partner, the two of us canoed down northern Quebec’s George River in 1980. This marked the first step in a journey that would bring me back again and again. You would think that by now, after many years and many challenging trips through the forbidding Labrador panorama so filled with rock, wind and water, I would be inured to its grandeur, less awestruck. However, looking through my camera, I am still driven to question and wonder how many more combinations of form, colour and texture I can uncover before there is nothing left to discover and this prehistoric landscape runs dry. My eager mind wanders and Labrador haunts me still. Zageris has been travelling to Northern Labrador since 1984, sometimes alone, and sometimes with associates, to document the harsh and stunning beauty of the Labrador landscape, and the strength of the people who reside within its perimeters. Zageris’ work has been exhibited at the Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa), the Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Oshawa), The Rooms in St John’s, The Centre d’expositions in Rouyn-Noranda, and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography 

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