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One Brave Boy and His Cat - Dr. Andrew Peacock

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One Brave Boy and his Cat is the tale of a child facing one of the hardest realities of pet ownership. NIck’s family brings their cat to a veterinarian after it has been hit by a car. When they find that their pet has been badly hurt, the boy and his family must make a difficult choice. Nick surprises everyone with the bravery of his decision.

"One Brave Boy and His Cat is an important book for every child who has a pet. Andrew Peacock, Newfoundland’s favourite vet, tells the story of one brave boy coming to terms with the death of his beloved cat. With compassion and grace, Peacock shows how children can be given the responsibility of deciding when it’s time to let go." — Charis Cotter, Award-winning author of The Ghost Road.

"It is never easy to say goodbye. One Young Boy and His Cat gently and lovingly captures the experience of losing a beloved family cat. In addition to the difficult decision to euthanize a pet, parents are often burdened with the worry of their child’s reaction. This illustrated story shows what commonly happens with honest and empathic discussion.” 

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