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Our Life on Lear's Room - Greta Hussey

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This is Greta Hussey’s account of her early years on Labrador, where Newfoundland fishermen and their families set up shore fishing rooms to prosecute the inshore cod fishery. Her account is simple yet compelling as she describes the trip north on the Kyle, setting up the fishing room, the Labradorians, the typical day of a fisherman, curing fish in the fall, the hard life of a young girl cooking for a crew, native skills, folk medicine, making do with little, and on the lighter side, games and amusements to break up the long days of work. Come along on a journey to a world of yaffles and bawns, bakeapples and scruncheons, and in the stage meet headers, splitters, and cut-throats! Soft cover 127 pages

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