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Resettlement: Uprooting and Rebuilding Communities in Newfoundland and Labrador and Beyond - Isabelle Cote & Yolande Pottie-Sherman

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Resettlement is a global phenomenon once again at the forefront of political debate in Newfoundland and Labrador. This collection, edited by political scientist Isabelle Coté and geographer Yolande Pottie-Sherman, presents an assembly of interdisciplinary voices situating Newfoundland and Labrador resettlement (past, present, and future) in conversation with other ongoing relocation debates in other places such as Quebec and Northern Canada, Greenland, and Ireland . Contributors consider common themes of contemporary resettlement programs including resistance, collective-decision making, power, place, and identity. In these pages, scholars examine a process that begins before and continues long after communities or individuals move, and places the Newfoundland and Labrador experience in conversation with other global contemporary resettlement projects. 

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