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The Beothuk - Ingeborg Marshall

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Although the extinction of the Beothuk- at once the most distressing and complex aspect of their history - has been the focus of the Beothuk story, there is more to know about this native group than their tragic demise. Presenting a more balanced picture, this monograph first addressed the Beothuk's position in prehistoric Newfoundland and outlines several of their cultural traits. Covering the historic period, it describes the development of relations with European newcomers and neighbouring native groups as it emerges from the records. Reports written by naval commanders and other contemporary observers concentrate on encounters with Beothuk, often in futile attempts at conciliation them. They also relate the capture of several Beothuk women and children and indicate the Beothuk's gradual retreat into Notre Dame Bay and the Exploits River area. Two chapters are dedicated to the best - known Beothuk captives, Demasduit and Shanawdithit, who disclosed important knowledge of Beothuk life ways and beliefs and recounted the Beothuk's experience in their meetings with the English. The Beothuk voice is nevertheless largely absent from the story because prevailing hostile attitudes prevented the exchange of information.

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