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The Caw of the Raven - Hector M. Earle

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The Caw if the Raven is the sequel to Hector’s Earle’s bestselling debut novel, Death of a Race, the story of Seehuk and Shawnee and their daughter Nateek, a young Beothuk family struggling for their very existence against an enemy who has invaded their homeland. In Caw of the Raven, Hector’ character, Terrence Logan, is on a mission to seek revenge for what he believes to be the genocide of a people he once knew. Hector invites readers to sit back, pour a cup of tea, and read the story of Lieutenant Terrence Logan, a man who made it a personal mission to bring attention to the world about the massacre of an entire race and to bring those responsible to justice. Sequel to Death of a Race

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