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The First Five Hundred of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment - Richard Cramm

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On October 3, 1914 537 soldiers of the Newfoundland Regiment marched onto a converted sealing ship in St. John’s harbour, eager to see battle far away from home in Europe. Know as the First Five Hundred, almost one third would never see their families again. Of the 6,200 men who fought with the Newfoundland Regiment during the First World War, more that 1,300 would die. The war became a defining event by a generation of young men have never been forgotten. As a tribute to the men who served, Richard Cramm, a lawyer and the son of a Conception Bay merchant, wrote this illustrated history of the First World War that includes the service records of the first soldiers to go overseas. Cramm wrote the book to honour the “persistent gallantry and splendid achievements” of the officers and men who fought in the war. Published in 1921, The First Five Hundred recounts the battles in which the Royal Newfoundland Regiment took part, from Suvla Bay in September 1915 to the battle of Courtrai in October 1918. Now considered a classic, this book is essential to understanding of Newfoundland’s place in the First World War. This high quality new edition includes an introduction by Memorial university historian Michael O’Brien, whose great uncle was among the first to volunteer and whose name is included with pride within these pages.

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