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The Last Beothuk - Gary Collins - Award Winning Author

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Inspired by True Events

Long after Demasduit’s skull has been stolen from her grave, and years after Shanawdithit has died, one Beothuk and his family survive.

Bursting out of the pages of Newfoundland history appears Kop, the last true Beothuk.

When all the other members of his tribe are exterminated by the Europeans, Kop seeks revenge against the Unwanted Ones.

Hidden among the Bear Clan of the Mi’kmaq, the Beothuk strikes back.

Follow Kop on his trail of defiance against the European marauders upon his Island. See what becomes of a man who has nothing to lose or live for.

Stay with him on a hundred trails and sit with him across the smoke of a hundred campfires. You will not only weep for the last Beothuk- you will cheer him on as he pushes back against the Unwanted Ones.

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