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The Last Mile - A Newfoundland Tragedy - The Incredible Journey of Baxter Penney - Hector M. Earle

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In the early spring of 1934, twenty-three-year old Baxter Penney left his home in Horwood, Notre Dame Bay, and travelled to Millertown to work as a logger for the A. N.D. Company

Baxter was like a lot of men from the Horwood area who left their homes for at least three months and went in the lumber woods to earn money to support themselves and their families.

It was Baxter’s journey back home to Horwood that caught author Hector Earle’s attention when he heard about it.

Leaning about the young man’s fate when he was only about a mile from home, after travelling nearly 200 miles to get to his family in time for Christmas, sparked Hector’s curiosity and resulted in his writing a story he says may surprise and even shock readers. He invites you to come along with him and walk in Baxter’s footsteps and judge for yourself.

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