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The North Atlantic Right Whale , Past, Present, and Future - Joann Hamilton-Barry

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The North Atlantic right whale also called the “urban” whale for its proximity to industrialized regions of North America’s east coast, is one of the largest whales in the world. Averaging 14 meters, and weighing about 40’000 kilograms, it is known for its graceful tail, callosities, lack of dorsal fins, and strong bond with its young. Historically, it was known as the “right” whale to kill, and has been commercially hunted for its abundant blubber and oil since the tenth century.

Illustrated with full colour photos, and offering background on this history of whaling, the North Atlantic right whale’s unique biology and behaviour, information on what is killing this majestic creature, and how readers can help, The North Atlantic Right Whale is a important, accessible book that will spark increased awareness and, hopefully, action before it’s too late.

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