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The Spirit of S.S. Kyle - Patrick J. Collins

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The S.S. Kyle, a 220-foot steam ship that is a cherished icon to generations of people in Newfoundland and Labrador, was launched in 1913. In February of 1967, it ran ashore in a gale and it now lies aground in the harbour of the town of Harbour Grace. The ship proudly known as the 'Bulldog of the North' was used mainly for transpotration of people and goods from St. John's to Labrador. It also transported soldiers from oNewfoundland to mainland Canada druig World War Two. The Kyle was part of the Reid Newfoundland Company's Alphabet Fleet: ships that all bore the names of a Scottish town. In his book, The Spirit of the S.S. Kyle, author Pat Collins recounts the history of the incredible ship by intertwining real life with a love story that encompasses murder, romance, forgiveness, and the mystic Seaman's Ghost thta continues to guide and watch over th Kyle.

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