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You Can Take the Boy out of the Bay - The Memoirs of Thomas Graham Morry of Ferryland - Thomas G. Morry, C.J.A. Morry, Ed.

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“You can take the Boy out of the Bay” is a series of anecdotes recalling people and events in the life of Thomas Graham Morry. These mini and short stories were written by him with the intention to amuse but, when examined carefully, they also contain an underlying compassion, empathy and pathos for the people who touched his life.

Tom Morry was born and raised in Ferryland, a tiny outport community on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland. The book focuses first and foremost on his experience in that part of his life, and gives a bitter-sweet account of life in outport Newfoundland during the Depression Years, when poverty was an underling theme in the lives of virtually everyone in the village – a theme they chose to ignore in order that they could live life to the fullest, despite the hardships.

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